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Safe Outdoor Social Gatherings at UUCG

Safe Outdoor Social Gatherings at UUCG

It is thought that congregants might be interested in meeting in small
groups at the church. We want to do this in a manner that will be safe
during the pandemic. The general idea is to meet out of doors sitting in a
circle with everyone six feet or more from each other. There are several
details to consider. ​ You do not need to check with Rev. Sadie about
grounds use if you follow these guidelines.

Timing ​ – Please connect with Julie Hamilton to reserve a time. Generally,
the grounds are accessible after ​ 3:00 p.m. Monday – Friday, Saturday 9:00
a.m. – 4:00 p.m., Sunday noon – 4:00 p.m. ​ Please do so one week in
advance of your gathering. ​​ ​ or 336-908-3450

Numbers ​ – Maximum of 10 people.

Shade ​ – There are a few shaded areas available outside UUCG. The
portico is always shaded and big enough for a small group. The
playground has trees and is shaded much of the time.

Chairs ​ – People can bring their own lawn chairs. There will be plastic chairs
from RE outside for people to use. Sanitizer spray will be available to clean
the chairs – please clean them after use, and before if you wish. Please
stack and cover the plastic chairs after use. Please take all your trash
home with you.

Social Distance​ – It is expected that everyone will sit at least six feet apart.
People must wear masks unless eating or drinking. Doing so would meet
the Greensboro mask requirement. Please communicate with your group to
see if those present would like to remain further apart. We work to
communicate well and respect each other’s boundaries.

Bathrooms ​ – We will not open the building at this time. Please keep your
gatherings brief. Lowe’s across the street has a restroom, as far as we
know. If you learn different information, please contact Julie at​ .

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