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Chalice Circles forming!

It is exciting to learn that there is a plan taking place to have again small group ministry at UUCG.

In recent years we had Covenant Groups which brought a unique opportunity to have on-going discussions about pertinent topics with a group of church friends that we could count on to be understanding, sympathetic, and non-judgmental when we shared our deepest feelings.

Attending church on Sunday mornings is a moving spiritual event, with music, readings, and a thoughtful sermon. We greet friends and welcome newcomers and go home with feelings of contentment and fortification to deal with another week.

But the monthly small-group meetings which I attended for several years, brought me a feeling of belonging and sharing that I had never before experienced outside of my close family. Since we met with the same group of seven people each month (the numbers varied over time), the level of understanding and trust grew with each time we came together. The format of having a significant topic, and having a limited time to share personal thoughts about the topic during a deep listening time with no interruptions, provided a profound opportunity to hear how the same topic could bring a variety of responses. I always went home with an abundance of new ideas as well as new understandings of my own feelings.

I look forward to our coming Chalice Circles as a new opportunity to share and to grow in spiritual awareness with another small group of UUCG members and friends who will listen with me and share a time of caring and understanding.

Chalice Circle Leader Laura Graham


You can sign up to join a Chalice Circle by filling out an interest form at chalice circles Please sign up today!

The sign-up period ends on September 17th.

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