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Cancellations due to Corona-virus at UUCG

Cancellations due to Corona-virus at UUCG
Dear All,
Please be assured that church leadership is taking the Corona-virus very seriously and are developing plans for managing the situation at UUCG. First, we have a Safety Team in place to develop a comprehensive strategy and monitor implementation. The members are: Rev. Sadie, Ann Dickinson (VP), Cindy Dillard, Julie Hamilton, Amelia Mattocks (master’s degree in public health and Public Health educator), Mary Davis and Sue Beck (Pastoral Care Team), and Betsy Lindsey (President). We will meet next week to develop a plan for various stages of strategies depending on when and how the virus appears in Guilford County.
Health is public. As a Unitarian Universalist faith community, we have two essential commitments during this time. The first is to turn to the science available to us to guide our response to this outbreak, as we are called to face the truth and try to understand the world as it is. The second is to prioritize the well-being of the most vulnerable among us, and to shape our response around them, as we are called to dream about the Beloved Community and to build the world that yet could be. Respect for the interdependent web of existence of which we are a part (our seventh principle) is humbling, dizzying, and can be terrifying during these times. We need one another. We are only as safe as the most vulnerable members in society. We are thinking especially of our elders, anyone who is pregnant, and anyone whose immune system is compromised already. Children do not seem to be particularly vulnerable at this time.
In an email sent yesterday, UUA President Rev. Susan Frederick-Gray recommended that “congregations avoid gatherings of more than 25 people, including worship and religious education, for the time being.” In addition, Gov. Roy Cooper has asked that events with more than 100 people be cancelled, including church services.
As a response to current conditions, here are the actions we are taking immediately.
In-person Sunday services are cancelled immediately. Rev. Sadie will offer modified worship services beginning this Sunday, March 15 at 11:00 a.m. via Facebook Live. You do not need to have a FB account to watch. Simply go to We will send out the liturgy and sermon on Mondays via email. When you receive that, you could set aside some quiet time to read and reflect.
All other church events are also suspended or cancelled immediately, including:
●      Choir practice
●      Missa Gaia
●      Wednesday night potluck
●      PI Party scheduled for Saturday, March 14
●      UU the Vote training scheduled for this Sunday, March 15
●      Joel Landau concert scheduled for March 21 is postponed to a future date
●      Seniors Connecting (Rev. Sadie is working with leaders to develop other strategies for folks to be in touch with each other to avoid social isolation)
Currently not being cancelled:
●      Dining Out with Friends (formerly Men’s and Women’s Night Out) will continue to meet if folks are interested; contacts for this are Lonnie and Marie Houck
What else are we doing?
●      Suzanne Andrews is recruiting people to prepare meals we can stockpile and distribute as needed (please respond positively if she asks)
●      We are purchasing a church Zoom (virtual conference) account and creating a team to teach congregants how to use Zoom software (more on this later) for meetings
What can you do?
1.     Offer to prepare meals (contact Suzanne Andrews:
2.     If you can help arrange Zoom meetings, please contact Rev. Sadie or Betsy Lindsey.
3.     If you would like to make a contribution to the Minister’s Discretionary Fund, we encourage you to get in touch with Congregational Administrator Julie Hamilton (336) 908-3450). See #7 below.
4.     Wash your hands often with soap and water-20 seconds including backs of hand and between the fingers
5.     Do not touch your face, especially when you’re out in public
6.     Cover your mouth and nose when you cough or sneeze
7.     Stay home when you’re sick. If you work an hourly job and will lose wages if you call in sick, please text Rev. Sadie (252) 628-9565. This is a priority area for the Minister’s Discretionary Fund.
8.     If you are able, see your doctor if you think you’re ill.
9.     Breathe. Stay informed, but not oversaturated with news. Be thoughtful about what you share on social media, and what you absorb. Call your friends, and the people you don’t know as well. Spend time in silent reflection and prayer. Sing in your house, in your car, outside. Be creative in the ways you gather and stay connected.
We will send an update at least twice a week, more frequent as needed. We are in the process of figuring out how to stay in touch virtually or via phone trees. We are aware that not everyone is comfortable with all current technologies, so we plan to develop a variety of strategies. If you have questions or think of something we have not addressed, please contact Rev. Sadie or me
This is a difficult time for everyone, and especially for those who are most vulnerable to contracting the virus. Let’s all be mindful and compassionate of the unique situations different people are in. Let’s continue to safely
Connect in spirituality and service
Care for each other and the world
Create loving community
In service,
Rev. Sadie Lansdale, Minister
Betsy Lindsey, President

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