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Adult Faith Formation: The BIG Questions

In a recently conducted survey folks were asked to name some of life’s big questions. The Adult Faith Formation team is preparing for time on Sunday mornings to explore these “big” questions. Expected and received responses were: Why are we here? How do we deal with anger and disappointment? What is the point of it all? One of the unexpected posted responses made me smile.

“What is Spiritual, and how do I get it?” I smiled, because I have asked that same question, long ago, before I began to realize that we are all possessive of a spiritual dimension! We are hoping to create a space to share our spiritual dimensions on Sunday’s from 9:30 – 10:30. You are invited, starting on Sunday, September 14, to explore with others the questions that give meaning and purpose to our lives. Hoping that this time will be not so much for debating answers, particularly those that might arise from philosophical positioning, but rather for engaged sharing of those times when your life was altered, changed, even perhaps transformed when the “right” question was asked. Questions such as; Does my life have meaning? Am I following my true purpose? Am I loved by/cared for by a force beyond my immediate family and set of friends? Will my time on earth be worthwhile? We will share how the question asked in the middle of the night, in a classroom, by life itself, may have led you down a pathway or onto a journey you may not have anticipated beforehand. In my way of thinking, just pondering these sorts of questions, we enter a “spiritual” dimension. Our answers change. Other people’s answers may or may not become ours.

Spirituality and the Big Questions. Come and get some!

Rev. Ann Marie Alderman

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