Becoming a Member of UUCG

We celebrate all who identify as Unitarian Universalist! Becoming a member of UUCG is a way to express your commitment to this church and in so doing enter into a relationship of equality, care and promise with other members.

Steps Toward Membership:

1. Attendance at several Sunday Services, or other church activities, or a meeting with the minister.

2. Attendance and participation at a New UU Orientation to learn and ask questions about Unitarian Universalism and UUCG and what being a member means. Those who choose to, (there is no obligation) may sign the Membership Book, as well as make their pledge of financial contribution, at the end of the orientation. The orientations are led by our minister and childcare is provided as requested. Check our calendar for the next one, usually held every other month on a Saturday morning, or contact the minister via the contact form or call the church telephone.

3. If they choose to be, new members are introduced and welcomed by other members during a Sunday worship service 30 days after they sign the Membership Book.

All members are encouraged to regularly participate in congregational life, serve the church, connect with other members and support UUCG with personally generous contributions.

By joining UUCG, you declare that what the church stands for, the principles it teaches, the works it engages, the community it strives to become are all things you hold close in your heart.