Cindy Dillard

Cindy Dillard has led UUCG’s Youth Religious Education program since fall 2012, first as the RE Coordinator and then as the Director of YRE. In her “previous lives,” she was a doctoral candidate and university instructor (Indiana University and University of Washington) in Comparative Literature; administrative assistant to the rabbis of Temple Israel in Columbus OH (one of the five founding congregations of the Reform Jewish movement); and a preschool teacher at The School for Young Children, an outreach project of the 1st Unitarian Universalist Church in Columbus, OH.

Cindy grew up un-churched and was comfortable with that, but began searching when her daughter started being proselytized to every day by her best friend in Kindergarten. After some internet sleuthing, she found Unitarian Universalism, visited 1st in Columbus, OH, and shortly thereafter became a member and a regular volunteer. Through partnering with other teachers and teaching a wide variety of curricula, Cindy realized she had found her educational home as a UU. And when she became a trained Jr High OWL (Our Whole Lives) Sexuality Educator, she knew she had found her spiritual niche as well.

During her short time at UUCG, Cindy has felt that her many life experiences have been respected and embraced by this most beloved community. She looks forward to a long and healthy partnership with them.