Prayer in the aftermath of Charlottesville

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Prayer in the aftermath of Charlottesville

Spirit of Life and Spirit of Love,

God of our mixed up and tragic world,

Goddess of our wounded hearts and weary souls,

Creator of our deepest hopes and highest aspirations,

come to us now.

Be with us and among us

as we open ourselves to your holy presence.

Awaken within us the will

to live into the great commandment

to love our neighbors as we love ourselves

even as we are called once again

to face the reality that hatred

has taken hold of too many of our human siblings.

Hear our prayers of sorrow

as we weep for our dead and wounded neighbors in Charlottesville

who stood in brave protest

against those who perpetrate violence and proclaim bigotry.

Sustain us in our resolve

to decry the evil of terrorism,

to name it for what it is when it arises in our own land,

is perpetrated by our own people,

and to hold those who terrorize accountable.

Guide us as we channel our righteous anger

that we may use it as a force to heal and not to harm.

Lead us through the valley of our darkest fears

that we may walk into the fires of the times in which we live

and be transformed,

burning away the stains

that racism, genocide, and white supremacy have placed upon our souls.

Hold us in your tender mercy

as we search the fragments of our shattered faith

until we know once again

that love is stronger than hate,

that love is stronger than fear

and that the light of love will illumine a way forward.

Spirit of Life and Spirit of Love,

God of Great Mystery and Wonder,

Goddess of Wisdom, Compassion, and Joy,

Creator of Infinite Beauty and Grace,

in all your holy names we pray.

We pray.

We pray.



Blessed Be.


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