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2018 UUCG Annual Auction Fundraiser – Donations requested

UUCG Annual Auction Fundraiser – November 3rd, 2018

Suggestions for Cabaret Auction Services and Item Donations.

To make this annual fundraiser a success, here are some ways to donate:

Suggestions for Cabaret Auction Services and Item Donations

Share your creative output: Hand-crafted items

Knit blankets/scarves

Hand crafted jewelry

Handcrafted pottery

Paintings – oil or watercolor

A quilt

Lessons: Bridge; Knitting, crochet or other needlework; kayaking; using a computer program (like Word or Adobe Photoshop), juggling, playing a musical instrument or sight singing, golf, tennis, do-it-yourself home repairs.

Hosted Themed Dinners/Meals:

Ethnic or International: Italian, French, German, Mexican, Indian, Middle Eastern, Persian, Chinese

Holiday (at your home or delivered to the buyer’s home): Valentine’s Day, Easter Brunch, St. Patrick’s Day dinner

Progressive Dinner (organized by several households)

Picnic for a Sunday Concert in the Park

A mystery dinner party

A meal organized around a particular ingredient (e.g., chocolate)

Other Social Events (either on a specific date or to TBA for small groups)

Wine Tasting

An evening of charades, bridge, Trivial Pursuit, (or other game) with refreshments

Tickets to a play or concert.

Tickets to a football, baseball or basketball game.

Pool (swim) party

Sharks and Hustlers: A Pool tournament (if you have a table)

Dancing to the music of (pick your favorite era)

Special Event Extravaganza (host a party around watching a special event, like the Oscars, the Kentucky Derby, the Super Bowl).

An evening of poetry, storytelling or play reading.

Golf outing.

Food Items:

Baskets of Delicious Goodies: Teas, chocolates, wines, homemade jams, cookies. Themed baskets (e.g., Italian or French delicacies)

A plate of cookies each month for a year.

A loaf of bread each month for a year.

Or bring your specialty for sale or auction the night of the auction.

Outdoor Activities

Lead a hike in your favorite area (supply snacks or box lunch)

A day on the river (in a canoe, a kayak)

Lead a historic walk through a cemetery or a neighborhood.

Other Service Items

Baby sitting or overnight child care

Pet sitting/walking

Plant care while you’re on vacation

Handyman/woman chores or Yard work or gardening assistance/design

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